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Fukuo Tanaka
2021.3.2 (Tue.) --3.27 (Sat.)

11:00 --19:00

Closed on Sun., Mon. And 3.20 (Sat.)

* In order to prevent infection with coronavirus, you may be asked to wait for admission when the gallery is crowded.

Mimicry and Metamorphosis


“Condensation” 2021, Φ50mm, borosilicate glass


“熱帯睡蓮20190202” 2019, Φ54mm, borosilicate glass, gold

Megumi Ogita Gallery Ginza Otsuka Building B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

We are pleased to announce Fukuo Tanaka‘s glass exhibition "Mimicry and Metamorphosis" at MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY. Fukuo Tanaka, who creates works using heat-resistant glass with high transparency called borosilicate glass, studied at an art school and now presents his works under the brand "Topnoch". He is in charge of creating staring glass eyes with the white, irises and pupils for Yoshimasa Tsuchiya’s sculptures, as we saw at Tsuchiya’s exhibition "Festival" in February 2019.Tanaka, who has pursued the characteristics of borosilicate glass, freely creates pretty and delicate works with the distinctive technique called "inside out". Instead of forming a shape and covering it with clear glass, he uses a burner to heat another glass, that is dotted on the outside of the glass rod, and change it into various patterns as it melts and goes inside, creating what he imagines and shaping the whole at the same time. Extraordinary colors are created by intricately layering colored glass and vaporized metals such as gold and silver.Both mimicry, copying something to make it look like something else, and metamorphosis, fully changing shapes or condition, have different properties as transformation. The patterns of Tanaka's works in the movement of glass form the shape of flowers as if they are. The works are reminiscent of natural and universal beauty that exists in the world according to certain rules without human hands, such as snow crystals, web veins, shell spirals and honeycombs. He says, "As I incorporate the structure rather than the floral motifs...I could get an illusion of placing genes one by one". In this way, inorganic glass changes its shape like vital flowers.In this exhibition, approximately 50 large and small works including pendants will be on display. In the society that has demanded great changes from us since 2020, mimicry through the works that the artist faces every day, and completely new metamorphosis that he sees ahead of them, could have a deeper theme and resonate with more viewers. We hope you look forward to Fukuo Tanaka’s glass exhibition "Mimicry and Metamorphosis".Yoshimasa Tsuchiya’s solo exhibition "Chimera" will be held here on the same dates.

For safety reasons, the gallery staff wear masks, disinfect their fingers, clean and ventilate the space. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation on the following points.

- Please wear a mask when you visit here.

- Please keep an interval between you and other visitors.
- If you are not feeling well such as fever, colds and taste disorders, please    refrain from visiting.
- If you have a coronavirus infection near your home, workplace, or school,    please refrain from visiting.

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