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1973 Born in Toulouse, France.

Solo Exhibitions


Concrete Abstract, MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY / Tokyo, Japan


Tilt, Galerie David Pluskwa / Marseille, France

Magic & Destory Galerie Wallworks / Paris, France

All You Can Eat Fabien Castanier Gallery / Los Angeles, USA


A.B.C, Galerie Montana / Montpellier, France


My Love Letters, Celal Gallery / Paris,  France


Bubble FeTiltism, Kidrobot space / NewYork, USA
BubbleGirls, Aimecube / Paris, France
Worldwide Babitches, Grand OFR / Londres, UK


Egodrips, Disrupt gallery / Auckland, Nouvelle-Zelande
FeTiltism, Refill Space / Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibitions


Story Telling Fabien Castanier Gallery / Miami, USA


Too many ways to die, Kolly Gallery / Zurich, Germany
Lines and Dots (avec Mist), Atelier des Bains / Genève Switzerland

Art Wynwood Fabien Castanier Gallery / Miami, USA


M.T.A. Galerie At Down / Montpellier, France
Write & Repeat Stolen Space / London, UK
Wider than a postcard Breeze Block Gallery / Portland, USA
Artstübli Schleifferei / Basel, Switzerland
La Dernière Vague Friche de la Belle de Mai / Marseille, France

Mister Freeze Le Frigo / Toulouse, France
Inédite(s) Galerie David Pluskwa / Marseille, France
Hypergraphia BC Gallery / Berlin, Germany
Avant Premiere Atelier des Bains / Geneva, Switzerland
Grand Master Opening Atelier des Bains / Geneva, Switzerland

Los Angeles Art Show Fabien Castanier Gallery / Los Angeles, CA


Closer to God in heels, La Grille / Yverdon, Switzerland

Leave the beef on the BBQ, Guerrero Gallery / San Francisco, USA
Art and Toys (Collection Selim Varol), Me Collectors Room / Berlin, Germany
Suspect, Galerie Schöneck / Basel, Switzerland
French Invasion, Galerie Fabien Castanier / Los Angeles, USA
Agnostic Fonts Montana Gallery / Barcelona, Spain
Fifty Fifty, Galerie MathGoth / Paris, France
Ne pas effacer, Galerie Wallworks / Paris, France
Off the Wall Galerie Wallworks / Paris, France


Santa’s Ghetto Pictures On Walls / London, England
Thrilla Manila Secret Fresh Gallery / Manila, Philippines
Off The Wall Artspace@Helutrans / Singapore
ArtYou Ackermannshof / Basel, Switzerland
Europa Graffiti Pavillon Carré de Baudouin / Paris, France
Infamous The Space / Hong-Kong
Graffiti Art Art Monaco’12 / Monaco, France
Bad Painting Galerie 208 / Paris, France
UrbanArt – Graffiti 21 Völklinger Hütte / Saarbrücken, Germany


Tribute to Dare K31 gallery / Lahr, Germany
Street Art Espace Croix Baragnon / Toulouse, France
Faux Jumeaux (with Mist) Speerstra Gallery / Bursins, Switzerland
Encounters AE studios LIC / Long Island City, NY


Artotale Leuphana Urban Art Project / Luneberg, Germany
Roots and Buds GHP Galerie / Toulouse, France
The Generations 2nd Floor Gallery / New York, NY


Fresh air smells funny Dominikanerkriche Museum / Osnabrueck, Germany
Call it what you like Silkeborg Bad Center of Art / Silkeborg, Denmark
Explicit Fantastic Keep Six Contemporary Gallery / Toronto, Canada
Urban Art Museum of Modern Art / Bremen, Germany


Wildstylers Carhartt Gallery / Weil eim Rhein, Germany
Still on and non the wiser Kunsthalle Barmen Museum / Wuppertal, Germany
Waking up nights De Pury and Luxembourg Gallery / Zürich, Switzerland
We are the people darker than blue Stilwerk / Hambourg, Germany
Hinter den Sieben Bergen Patricia Low Contemporary / Gstaad, Switzerland
Coming soon Von-der-Heydt Museum / Berlin, Germany        


Overdose Mc Caig and Welles Gallery / New York, NY
Retour de Chine Musée d’art contemporain les Abattoirs / Toulouse, France
Art Berlin Reinking Projekte / Berlin, Germany
Art Cologne Revolver / Rik and René, Cologne, Germany
Paint Ball Pirate Space Kidrobot / New York, NY


Modern Graffitis Tank loft / Art institute, Chongqin, China


A change of direction Galerie St Ravy / Montpellier, France
Yone Love Thunderbirds / Tokyo, Japan
Kosmopolite Kitchen 93 Galerie / Paris, France
Je m’installe aux Abattoirs (Agnès B collection) Musée d’art contemporain les Abattoirs / Toulouse, France


Style Heritage Palais de Tokyo / Paris, France
Alive Paintings Phat Cat Space / Tokyo, Japan


Graffiti Totems et tabous Chateau Malromé Toulouse Lautrec / Bordeaux, France
Graffiti dans tout ses états Taxie Gallery / Paris, France


Rencontres Hip-Hop Niort / France
Post Graffiti Centre national Musée Jean Jaures / Castres, France


Visions Logoscope Galerie / Monaco, France


Graffiti Art Contemporary Art Museum / Vienna, Austria


Biénale d’Art Contemporain Place / Belcourt Lyon, France

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