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MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY Ginza Otsuka Building B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

A group show "XYZ" directed by artist Kengo Nakamura, re-questioning the origin of the gallery beyond the Lehman shock and the earthquake. It presents the possibilities of future exhibition planning, both critically, as entertainment, and from a commercial perspective.

Megumi Ogita Gallery was opened in 2007 by gallerist Tokutoshi Ogita in Ginza 5-chome. Starting with the opening exhibition by Tomoki Yasui, you can't see much in Japan such as Karin Uejo, Kengo Nakamura, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya, and other talented young artists in Japan, Loretta Lux, Victoria Zidman, and Julie Hefanan. I have been planning an exhibition of overseas top artists. In 2010, we opened a new main space in Ginza 2-chome, and exhibited at many art fairs both in Japan and overseas, introducing a variety of artists.

The situation surrounding art has changed dramatically beyond the Lehman shock and the Great East Japan Earthquake in terms of the market and the way works are perceived. Under such circumstances, Megumi Ogita Gallery also feels the need for new attempts as a commercial gallery. Therefore, this time, we planned a group show by gallery artists to return to the origin of the founding of the gallery and recapture our own identity. Kengo Nakamura, the artist who belongs to the exhibition, will be in charge of the direction of the exhibition. Nakamura is working to make the gallery function as an open medium, such as holding the popular symposium "End of the 20th Century: Japanese Art-From the Perspective of Each Artist" in February this year.

The group show "XYZ" sets various themes from the standpoints of both artists and galleries, and opens up the possibility of new projects that go beyond mere exhibitions from a critical, entertainment, and commercial perspective. I will present it. By showing the relative approaches to the production of each artist, we try to have an interactive relationship between the image and the viewer, as well as "sculpture, ceramics, and 3D" that explore the relationship between the work and the present and past. You can take a picture with the work and publish it freely through the Internet such as Twitter and Facebook.) In the exhibition consisting of two sections of "Painting / Plane / Wall Exhibition", each work is the basis. Explore how the parts are connected. There will also be a space where early members such as Tomoki Yasui, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya, and Kengo Nakamura will be crossed with the masterpieces of new artists such as 3 (three) and Nozomi Komura.

We are also planning a mix of hard and soft events such as a collector's night on Saturday, December 15th and a symposium on Saturday, January 12th. In addition, we will set up a campaign corner according to the exhibition in the Christmas season, so we hope that everyone who wants to start a collection but does not know how to purchase it or who usually have difficulty entering the gallery will come to the exhibition.
Please look forward to "XYZ" at Megumi Ogita Gallery.

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