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Photo: Yukihiro Sugimori


MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY is pleased to announce the establishment of PandA. “P” stands for “play” or “plan”, where everything starts with a motive and a path to realisation. “A” stands for “action” or “answer”, namely practice and its consequences. PandA aims to be a place for diverse exchanges, where guests with interests such as architecture and cooking are invited to transmit triggers that lead to spiritual enrichment, and from there explore the relevance of art. Unlike regular gallery exhibitions, PandA is a new experiment in online viewing of works exhibited in a house built in the middle of nature. In Japan today, the number of unused land and houses is increasing rapidly, and there are concerns about the deterioration of landscape due to lack of maintenance. We have therefore converted an old mountain hut into a modern living space and revitalised it as a testing ground for art that is close to people’s daily lives. We are planning a project that viewers can casually enjoy whilst imagining how it would be like to display works in their own rooms.

Ahead of the substantial launch, PandA presents Mrs. Zukie’s solo exhibition “Zero”. Mrs. Zukie is a contemporary artist and muralist from New York City and creator of the Zukie character. Mrs. Zukie completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at C.W. Post University and has since participated in exhibitions and charity events around the world, exhibiting her work at events such as New York Comic Con and DesignerCon, and engaging with her fans.

The work features simplified characters that evoke the influence of Japanese popular culture, ornately depicted side by side like a group photograph. Their various expressions, such as toothy smiles, tongues and winks, are painted in different colours to form a vivid whole. The familiar worldview of the artist is popular for its fusion of modern Western painting with the cartoonish generosity in Asia.

The exhibition is held in winter, and the contrast between the rich natural landscape outside and Mrs. Zukie’s colourful works is striking, and seems to awaken our senses, which are usually asleep. Meanwhile the characters in the work, painted with curves, have a pleasant warmth and affinity like a wood-burning stove. “All-over painting”, a form of painting without centre established in the US in the mid-20th century, was a departure from the Western art classics, which used to depict God or authority figures as main characters and others as supporting ones. Mrs. Zukie is in the lineage of this expression, and her work on the theme of harmony, where all characters exist on the same footing, is close to the loneliness of contemporary society and invites the viewer’s sympathy.


January 19-February 10, 2024


Online Exclusive

PandA Set Up

Facial Expression Glitter Edition #2


30.5 x 30.5 cm

Acrylic, glitter, epoxy resin on wood panel

Skeletal Zukie #1 Army Green Edition
91.4 x 91.4 cm
Acrylic on wood panel

Facial Expression Sherbet Edition #1
30.5 x 30.5 cm
Acrylic on wood panel

Facial Expression Sherbet Edition #1_500.jpg
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