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☆ Kengo Nakamura related information
■ Yokohama Museum of Art Collection Exhibition 2015 1st term "Body expression in the collection from the body-focusing on contemporary art"
"Composition Tokyo" will be exhibited.
March 28th (Sat) -May 31st (Sun), 2015
Yokohama Museum of Art

■ Bigakko Planning Gigmenta 2015 "Hardcore of Japanese Painting"
April 7th (Tuesday) -April 12th (Sunday), 2015
The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo 2nd floor ACT5

■ "Nouvelle è re du Japon-A new era in Japan"
June 3rd (Wednesday) -June 16th (Tuesday), 2015
Paris for Galerie
18, AV, MATIGNON, 75008 Paris, France

● Book "End of the 20th Century, Japanese Art-From the Perspective of Each Writer" (Art Diver)
Edited by: Kengo Nakamura Co-authored by: Tatsuo Mashima, Kyoichi Nagase, Kiyoshi Kusumi, Eriko Kimura, Satoshi Koganezawa Price: 1800 yen + tax

● Catalog Kengo Nakamura Exhibition "Modern Japanese Japanese = Style Painting 1994-2014" Kakegawa City Ninomaru Museum
Issued by: NPO Kakegawa Contemporary Art Study Group Price: 1000 yen + tax

Kengo Nakamura

4.3 (Fri.)-4.25 (Sat.), 2015

Reception 4.3 (Fri.) 18: 00-20: 00
11:00 --19:00 (Closed on Sunday and Monday & Public Holiday)


Kengo Nakamura Encyclopedia-Focusing on works from the 10s

● Kengo Nakamura's "End of the 20th Century, Japanese Art-From the Perspective of Each Artist" will be on sale in advance.

"Other than myself / Without me" 2014, 130.3 x 130.3cm, mineral pigment, pigment & acrylic on Japanese paper mounted on panel

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY Ginza Otsuka Building B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

At Megumi Ogita Gallery, we are holding a solo exhibition by Kengo Nakamura, "Kengo Nakamura Encyclopedia-Focusing on Works from the 10's".
Kengo Nakamura (b.1969) studied Japanese painting at Tama Art University / Graduate School and represents modern society with emoticons used in e-mails, floor plans of studio apartments, manga balloons and character silhouettes. I have continued to create unique paintings using motifs. Nakamura's work, which has various series, depicts a realistic feeling for us modern people living in modern society and popular culture.

The works drawn by the technique of Japanese painting are based on the problem of the establishment of the concept of "Japanese painting", and are also strongly committed to art history. Sometimes, while freely quoting (approaching) images from Renaissance Botticelli, Mondrian, a pioneer of abstract painting, or Warhol, a leading figure in pop art, he sharply abstracts the reality of the artist himself living in the present. We have developed an abstract series.
Just as there is a series of works called "other than myself" composed of silhouettes of Osamu Tezuka's mobs, it can be said that Kengo Nakamura is constructing his own work by confidently borrowing the image of "other than himself". ..

In addition to painting, he also collaborated with creators of other genres, planned and managed exhibitions and symposiums, and this spring, "End of the 20th Century, Japanese Art-From the Perspective of Each Artist" (edited by Kengo Nakamura) Co-authored by: Tatsuo Mashima, Kyoichi Nagase, Kiyoshi Kusumi, Eriko Kimura, Satoshi Koganezawa), he is expanding his field of activity both in Japan and abroad as one of the leading artists of the present age.

Kengo Nakamura, who celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut in 2014, is about to enter a new stage this year.
This exhibition focuses on major works from 2010 onwards, and by creating a space reminiscent of a room in a retrospective exhibition or a page in an illustrated book, a writer in the present who connects all the past and the future. Shine light on Kengo Nakamura. If you take a bird's-eye view, you can feel that a consistent philosophy is flowing.
While inviting the viewer to the rich water source of art history, please experience the trajectory of Kengo Nakamura who is trying to engrave a new history there.

Kengo Nakamura (b.1969, graduated from MA Japanese Painting Course, Tama Art University) uses our familiar subjects being representative of a modern society such as floor plans of studio flats and speech balloons of comic books for a motif of his Japanese painting based works ..
His unique art work created with the technique of Japanese painting on the basis of Art history expresses our realistic feeling or popular culture in the modern world.
Also Kengo has planned and held symposiums or exhibitions with many creators irrespective of the genre of a field.
Kengo's paintings have been shown in numerous exhibitions beyond the confines of the country.

After this year, the 20th anniversary of his career as a painter, Kengo will develop a new style for his next stage.
In this exhibition, MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY presents his large works focusing on the ones released after 2010.
It'll be reminiscent of a page of Catalog Raisonné (Zukan).
Don't miss "Kengo Nakamura Zukan".

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