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Genbun Itchi "Ourselves in Today's World"


"Shinbun match" 2013, 100 x 80.3cm, Japanese paper, mineral pigments, pigments, acrylics, resin glue on the panel / pigment and acrylic on Japanese paper

Kengo Nakamura
2014/1/14 (Tue) --2/1 (Sat)
★ Reception: 1/14 (Tue) 17: 30 --19: 30
12:00 --19: 00 (Closed on Mon, Sun and Public holiday)

★ Please be careful about the exhibition hall Showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 4F, Ginza Building, 5-4-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

This time, Megumi Ogita Gallery will hold Kengo Nakamura's solo exhibition "Ourselves in Today's World" for the first time in about four years.
In 2013, he exhibited at the Luciano Benetton Collection's "Imago Mundi" exhibition and the "Tezuka Osamu x Ishinomori Shotaro Manga Power" exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. As a person, I am expanding the field of activity both in Japan and overseas. Kengo Nakamura (b.1969) completed his graduate school in 1995 after studying Japanese painting at Tama Art University.

While using the technique of Japanese painting, Kengo Nakamura is from media familiar to us living in modern society, such as manga balloons, character silhouettes, floor plans of studio apartments, and "Re:" which means replying to e-mails. I have created unique paintings while quoting images.
Kengo Nakamura's painting production, which has various series, is the modernization of Japan, both the "individual" and "ego" that make up the existence of "writer" and the "Japanese painting" that is his own production technique. It can be said that it is an extremely critical act of trying to treat the accepted and established concepts in parallel and to integrate them in a screen reminiscent of modern abstract painting.

In this exhibition, we will present the latest work of the "Emoticon" series, which we have been working on since 2012. In Europe and the United States, emoticons used in e-mail etc. are called Emoticon.
One of the reasons for the Genbun Itchi movement in Japan after the Meiji era, which tried to match written words with spoken words, was to express thoughts and feelings freely and accurately. Now that the times have passed and communication by e-mail has become commonplace, let us convey our feelings to the other party by using emoticons and using Emotion (emotion: heart) as an Icon (symbol: sentence). It is said.
From the beautiful screens of the "Emoticon" series, you can see the self-consciousness of modern people, who are more lonely as the means of communication develops, and who strongly desire to be understood by others, even if they are morbid. Isn't it possible?

The exhibited works are three large works of 100 x 80.3 cm exhibited at the special exhibition "GIFT of ART" at the Isetan Shinjuku store held in December 2013 under the direction of Kengo Nakamura, and the newly announced F4. It consists of a group of small items centered on No. (33.3 x 24.2 cm) and F3 (27.3 x 22 cm).

Inspired by various modernist paintings, but from the attitude of the artist who continues to draw a realistic sense for me living in the present age, I am strong in trying to discover the difficulty and possibility of making paintings in modern Japan at the same time. I can feel the will. Please look forward to the latest work by Kengo Nakamura.

Kengo Nakamura was graduated MA Japanese Painting Course, Tama Art University in 1995.
Kengo applies our familiar subjects such as floor plans of studio flats, “Re:” as mobile phone texts' titles, speech balloons of comic books into his Japanese painting based works.

In spite of the figurative motifs and pop cultural expressions, his works are highly conceptual that represent groups of people living in the age of the complex culture. The paintings also offer us the genuine aesthetics that are skillfully painted in a classic way.

The features of the exhibition this time is new pieces of “Emoticon”.
The works describe the newness and flux of our communication style today.
Kengo will release 3 large paintings (100 x 80.3cm) and small paintings (33.3 x 24.2cm / 27.3 x 22cm).

Please enjoy visitng Kengo Nakamura's solo show “Ourselves in Today's World” at showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY.

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