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Issei Otani
Shikakuico / sikakuico

6.27 (Fri.) --7.12 (Sat.), 2014
11:00 --19:00 (Closed on Sunday and Monday & Public Holiday)

Reception 6.27 (Fri) 17:30 --19:30

Static and Dynamic

Left: Issei Otani "Where do we go" 2014, 38 x 45.5cm, acrylic on canvas
Right: sikakuico "April babysitter crocodile" 2014, 12 x 19 x 22.5cm, leather • clay • Japanese paper etc.

Showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 4F, Ginsei Building, 5-4-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 4F 5-4-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Megumi Ogita Gallery is pleased to announce the first brother-sister exhibition "Static and Dynamic" in about a year and a half since "Music on the canvas" held in 2012 by Issei Otani and his sister sikakuiko.

Kazuo Otani (b.1977) has expanded his field of activity beyond genres, such as providing artwork for CD jackets to a number of musicians led by YMO Yukihiro Takahashi, and collaborating with fashion brand Paul and Joe sister. I'm a painter.
By hitting the canvas with the concentration that has been raised to the limit for a lifetime, like live painting, the musical dynamism is confined in one picture. All the creatures that have been inspired by their lives have a gentle yet passionate and emotional look that will grab the viewer's heart.
Lifelong paintings are created by eliminating the esoteric nature of the art genre as much as possible and pursuing works that are life-sized and comfortable. Life is a rare artist who can continue to produce works with the strongest appeal that we would like to live with this painting.

His younger sister, sikakuiko, is a leather accessory writer who has been attracting attention in recent years for his outstanding creativity and design sense. She creates works based on the world view of the story that exists inside herself. At first glance, the unique sikakuico leather accessories, which are carefully hand-crafted one by one in pursuit of functionality and durability as a product, have transcended the realm of crafting and have been transformed into art works. It is clear.
Before the miracle of brothers and sisters who inadvertently made art that blends into everyday life, and sisters that make it possible, we can feel what talent is.

In this exhibition "Static and Dynamic", he will show a new frontier where stillness and movement, delicacy and boldness coexist in one painting by freely manipulating the paint matiere. In a new lifelong work that further strengthens the idea that living things are equally valuable to humans and animals, animals such as hedgehogs and tapirs that we do not usually see are like close friends. I'm staring at you with a nice face. In addition, sikakuico will exhibit about 5 new paintings by brothers and sisters who drew abstract patterns like textiles on the works they drew for a lifetime, for a total of about 15 new paintings.

In addition to the brother-sister collaboration, sikakuico has 5 crocodile dolls and other latest leather accessories such as a wallet with beads on the leather material from among the Meltagians living in the imaginary country she created, the Kingdom of Meltasia. I will sell a lot.

Please enjoy "Static and Dynamic", a chemical reaction of love that can only be produced by your brother and sister.

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