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Issei Otani & sikakuico
10.16 (Tue.) --11.2 (Fri.), 2012

11:00 --19:00 (Closed on Sunday and Monday & Public Holiday)

Reception 10.16 (Fri) 17:30 --19:30

Music on the canvas

Reference plate "Paul & Joe Sister Paint" 2011

Showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 4F, Ginsei Building, 5-4-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 4F 5-4-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Hiroko Otake

Paola Masi
10.12 (Fri.) --11.2 (Fri.), 2012

11:00 --19:00 (Closed on Sunday and Monday & Public Holiday)

Reception 10.12 (Fri) 17:30 --19:30

AFFINITIES --Hiroko Otake & Paola Masi Exhibition -


<Hiroko Otake>
"As one of the significance of the existence of a work of art, I express the characteristics of my personal experience and the characteristics of the perceptual world that I face, and through the work I sensuously follow the viewer as a new thing that includes each experience. I think that it is to have you experience it. Among them, I want to make the viewer feel something universal as a common recognition, and conversely, the uncertainty that cannot be understood even after one second, by means of painting, especially Japanese painting. 』\

<Paola Masi>
"I throw on a kick wheel with stoneware and porcelain, an ongoing creative process where the final result is a product of my inner state. I look for pure essential form as a canvas for my glazes .I am not looking for something new, I am moved by the real essence underlying all things. This making is a listening, a mirror of my inner world. "

"The work formed while moving the potter's wheel expresses the subtleties of my heart. Rather than seeking only new expressions, we continue to create pure and universal forms, driven by something essential in all things. The work is a mirror that reflects my spiritual world, and creating is the act of listening to my own voice. 』\


★ Please be careful about the exhibition hall MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY Ginza Otsuka Building B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Megumi Ogita Gallery will hold a two-person exhibition of Hiroko Otake and Paola Masi.

The two met by chance in Spain last year and found a strong interest and commonality in each other's work. He is a writer who overcomes differences in race and age, respects traditional materials and techniques in modern times, and values the texture that can only be experienced in front of the work and the presence of the work itself. Since a lot of information can be obtained instantly, it may be that the real era has come where it is worthwhile to actually experience and feel. This exhibition aims to impress us forgotten.

Born in 1980, Hiroko Otake completed the Graduate School of Japanese Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2008, and received a PhD in Art Research from the same graduate school in 2011. As a means to make you feel "something universal as a common recognition" that exists in the world of "uncertainty that you do not know even after one second", various metaphorical motifs such as butterflies and flowers, styles and materials of Japanese painting I am producing using. Born in Italy, Masi studied ceramics in various countries and is currently producing in Spain. A simple vessel with beautiful colors is like a minimal art that pursues the ultimate beauty, but it is characterized by a style that makes you feel the warmth of handicrafts.

Otake is a flat and decorative expression of Japanese painting, but creates a realistic space on the screen that cannot be expressed by realism. On the other hand, while valuing the form of Masi's oriental vessels, the exhibition with the outstanding combination of coloring and works seems to be looking at paintings. By exhibiting both works at the same time, we can freely go back and forth between 2D and 3D, creating a unique relationship where the expressions of 3D and 2D intersect.

In this exhibition, Hiroko Otake will present about 20 works including new works from large works of 4 m or more at once, and Paola Masi will exhibit the latest carefully selected vessels as one work as a group. A masterpiece Japanese painting and a small vessel jump over the difference between a flat surface and a three-dimensional object, creating a universal Affinity that permeates one space and time. Please experience the excitement of seeing the real thing at the "AFFINITIES" exhibition created by a fateful encounter.

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY held a joint exhibition of Hiroko Otake and Paola Masi.

Otake and Masi had a chance meeting in Spain last year and found out "affinity" of their works to overcome the difference of
a race, an age and have a great respect for traditional materials and techniques.
They put their value on the feel of the material which has something with a powerful atmosphere.
This exhibition reminds us of deep impression on the real experience.

Hiroko Otake (b.1980) had finished the graduate course of Tokyo Art Univ in 2008 and got a doctor's
degree in 2011.
Her works is a means to make us feel "Some universality as the same awareness of us" in our world that
"no one knows what could happen tomorrow" using a style of traditional Japanese painting.

Paola (born in Italy) learned Ceramic Art in various countries. Now she has the studio in Spain.
Her simple, beautiful work is like Minimal Art to seek ultimate beauty.
They also gives us the warmth of her hands.

In this exhibition, Hiroko Otake release about 20 works including a large-scale work over 4m.
Paola Masi release selected 12 ceramic works as a masterpiece.
We could be in the same time, same space filled with universal Affinity.

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