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In the early summer of 2011, when I first shot Mt. Fuji, I met a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji in the sea of clouds, and a swan swimming in front of Mt. Fuji that emerged from the fog while shining in the morning sun.


My name is TAKASHI (TAKASHI Nakazawa)
In the early summer of 2011, I met amazing view of Mt Fuji floated on sea of
clouds and the beautiful scenery that a swan shining in the morning sun swim
in front of Mt Fuji which appeared from the fog.
From that moment, taking photos means taking photos of Mt Fuji for me.
A specialized Mt Fuji photographer was born.


Solo Exhibitions


"Mt. Fuji" Ginza SONY Imaging Gallery / Tokyo

"Mt. Fuji" Sony Store Nagoya / Aichi

"Mt. Fuji" Sony Store Sapporo / Hokkaido


Sony Imaging Gallery / Tokyo

Sony Store Nagoya  / Aichi

Sony Store Sapporo  / Hokkaido

Group Exhibitions


"Hiroki Inoue, TAKASHI, Airi Shimizu Exhibition" MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY  / Tokyo


"Hiroki INOUE, TAKASHI and eillie shimizu Exhibition"MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY / Tokyo



"Mt. Fuji Calendar 2021 Most Beautiful in Japan" by TAKASHI Released (MdN)

Appeared in "New Beauty Giants" Katsushika Hokusai Thirty-six Views of Tomitake


"Mt. Fuji Calendar 2020, the most beautiful in Japan" by TAKASHI released (MdN)


Personal special feature aired on "NEWS24"

Adopted on the cover of the June / July issue of Traveler magazine
Personal feature on National Geographic web page
Published in National Geographic Photobook "Greatest Landscapes"

Special feature on Traveler magazine is published in Japan National Geographic Web Edition Nikkei National Geographic Photobook "Impressive scenery that can only be seen here"


National Geographic Photo Contest: EF x 8 / USA
Sony World Photography Awards 2018: Japan National 3rd, International Honorable Mention (HM)
Nature's Best Photography Asia 2017/2018: Highly Honored Award for 2nd consecutive year
SIENA AWARDS sponsored by CREATIVE PHOTO AWARDS 202O Highly Commended and others / Italy
35AWARDS 2015: 100 Best Photos / Russia
35AWARDS 2017: 100 Best Photos (5th genre), 100 Great Photographers (2nd genre) / Russia
35AWARDS 2019: "BEST PHOTO Black & White WINNER 2019" etc. / Received "100 Views of Japanese Photographs from Russia Tokyo Camera Department", Online Photo Exhibition Exhibition 2020 / Japan Tokyo Camera Department instagram section (Hikarie) 2016/2017/2018/2019 / Japan
tifa 2016: Silver winner / 2017: Silver winner & HM x 2 / 2019: Silver winner & Bronze winner x 2 / Japan
ipa2016: HM x 2 / USA
Px3 2016: HM x 2 / 2017: Gold & Silver winner / 2018: Gold winner / France
mifa 2016: Bronze winner / 2017: Silver winner / 2018: HM / Russia
Monochrome Awards 2015: HM / 2016: HM x 3 / 2017: HM x 3

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