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Michael Sowa
Antonio Saura
Masaaki Yamada
Mitsuru Takeya


2020. 5.12 (Tue.) -5.30 (Sat.)



Michael Sowa “Illustration for ........” 2018, 17.5 x 33cm, acrylic on paper


Antonio Saura “Aphorismos de Leichtenberg” 1973, Image 70 x 50 cm, Serigraph

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

We are pleased to announce an exhibition "ON PAPER" at MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY.


Paper: the thing that has built the richness of Chinese civilization. Marco Polo witnessed and Christopher Columbus dreamt of it. China has kept the production method of paper secret for more than 6 centuries, making it expensive. Today it is one of the most common objects made from natural materials.

A wide variety of paper is also used to support artistic expression, from sketches and notes to finished works.


In this exhibition, we will be focusing on paper, which is a supporting body, and exhibit various expressions that unfold on it. Michael Sowa who paints a detailed expression, Antonio Saura who pursued innovative paintings and left many masterpieces of woodblock prints, Masaaki Yamada who created oil and watercolors not only on canvas but also on paper. In addition, we hope you enjoy the works by Mitsuru Takeya, who has been drawing on paper.


Currently the session is scheduled to start on Tuesday, May 12, but it could be postponed. We accept email inquiries about artists and works. Please feel free to contact us.

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