アンソニー・リスター&ブライアン・レオ "Rude Words"

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アンソニー・リスター / Anthony Lister
ブライアンレオ / Brian Leo

2020.2.7 (Fri.) - 2.22 (Sat.)
11:00am - 7:00pm(Closed on Sun., Mon. and public holidays)
2月7日(金)は6:00 - 9:00pmのみ
Only 6:00 - 9:00pm on 2.7 (Fri.)

Opening Reception 2.7 (Fri.) 6:00 - 9:00pm
7:30pm - アンソニー・リスターによるパフォーマンス
7:30pm - Performance by Anthony Lister

Rude Words

アンソニー・リスター / Anthony Lister “SOMEWHERE BETWEEN PERFECT AND GONE TOO FAR #1” 2020, 51 x 41cm, oil on Board

Tesla and Munch,Acrylic and paper on canvas,  15cm x 20cm, 2019.JPG
ブライアン・レオ / Brian leo “Tesla and Munch” 2019, 15 x 20cm, acrylic, archival paper, on canvas

メグミオギタギャラリー 東京都中央区銀座2-16-12銀座大塚ビルB1
MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

 この度メグミオギタギャラリーでは、アンソニー・リスターとブライアン・レオの新作二人展、“Rude Words” を開催致します。

 リスターはニュージーランド出身の巨匠、マックス・ギンブレットの生徒として最初に名前が挙がる作家です。彼は20代初めに大学を卒業後、ニューヨークのスタジオでギンブレットに学びました。彼の作品と情熱的な作家としての彼の独自性は、100冊以上の世界中の出版物の中で特集され、ネットフリックスの受賞歴がある記録映画「アンソニー・リスター: アーティストの光と影」も制作されました。彼は10代で地元のストリートアート開拓の一端を担い、今やオーストラリアで一流のストリートアーティストと認知されています。走り書き風で比喩的、そして一見してそれと分かる彼の作品には、木炭、アクリル絵具、スプレーや油絵具等が用いられます。「ペインティングの最初のルールは、全ての人の役割を取り払うことです。」と彼は語っています。「私は作家であると同時に鑑賞者でもあるため、私の作品の鑑賞者達を軽んじることはありません。彼らは作品を通して全てを知っているし、私もまた彼らの視点を持って制作しています。」私たちは鑑賞を通して、彼の作品が実生活に根差していることを体験できるでしょう。


 各作家はそれぞれの手法で、私たちの生活と、マスコミや帰属意識、文化やそれらに関わる全ての事柄とのつながりや断絶を表現します。どちらの作家も私達に親しみのあるイメージを用いつつ、個々の状況や社会的視点の中で新しい物語を生み出します。また作品のキャラクター達が、シュールかつユーモラスな状況に置かれることもあります(スターウォーズのチューバッカが、熱帯雨林のアマゾンの木を抱えて、通販サイトのアマゾンの箱から飛び出すレオの作品 “Amazon” など)。リスターは10年以上に渡って駆使してきたポップカルチャーの言語を通して、古代神話や伝説を探究しています。


 アンソニー・リスターとブライアン・レオの二人展、“Rude Words”に是非ご期待ください。

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY is pleased to present “Rude Words”, a two-person exhibition featuring new works by Anthony Lister and Brian Leo.

Anthony Lister is a contemporary Painter, best known for his merging of “high” and “low” cultural imagery. He is looked to as one of the most skilled and highly revered painters among his contemporaries. A gifted ‘Adventure Painter’ of both narrative and still-life, his paintings capture most purely his generation and the imagery that has defined it. Without compromise, Lister’s works have bridged the gap between the street and formal gallery settings, usually reserved for an exclusive group of artists.

Anthony Lister is foremost noted and acknowledged as a student of Master Painter Max Gimblett. Lister studied under Gimblett in his New York City studio after graduating from Griffith University in 2002. His work and identity as a passionate creative have been featured in hundreds of publications world wide and he is currently the subject of an award winning documentary on Netflix titled; ‘Have You Seen The Listers?’. Lister helped pioneer the street art movement in his home city as a teenager and is considered Australia’s premier street artist. His scrawling, figurative, and unmistakable style employs charcoal, acrylic, spray paint, acrylic and oil paints. “The first rule of painting is to take everyone else out of the equation,” he has said. “I am the viewer, so I don’t underestimate my viewers. They see everything and I just have to assume that they are me.” Japanese collectors can expect the full Lister experience as he will be in real life.

Brian Leo is a painter based in New York City. He graduated from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of Arts in 1999 with a BFA. He has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows internationally, including previous shows with MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY, the Biennale of Contemporary African Art in Senegal and throughout the United States, such as the Seattle Art Fair and Public Works in San Francisco. Leo is known for his large scale installations of small paintings which sometimes extend from floor to ceiling. Leo’s source material draws broadly on personal identity, current events, pop culture, and social issues, resulting in brightly colored paintings of cartoonish forms and appropriated images.

Through their distinctive processes and subject matters, each artist points out the links and disconnects in our lives and the larger issues that we encounter such as mass media, identity, culture and everything in between. Both artists use familiar imagery to create new narratives in personal contexts and societal perspective. Characters are reinvented in surreal and even humorous situations, such as Leo’s painting of Chewbacca jumping out of an Amazon box while holding trees from the Amazon forest. Lister explores ancient myths and tales of legend though a Pop Culture Language which he has championed successfully for over decade.

Lister will be exhibiting a collection of his iconic and unique Superhero artworks from a Contemporary Mythology Series. Lister will exhibit his series of brightly colored superheroes, painted on white backgrounds in his signature style, that blur the line between street art and fine art. Leo will exhibit an installation of 100 small paintings that depict personal experiences, contemplations of globalization, and social commentary. These works will be accompanied by a performance by Lister at the opening reception, on February 7 at 7:30pm sharp. Both artists will be present there from 6 - 9pm.

We are again, pleased to announce “Rude Words”, a two-person exhibition by Anthony Lister and Brian Leo at MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY.