Hebru Brantley

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ヘブル・ブラントリー / Hebru Brantley 
2019.5.10(Fri.) - 6.1(Sat.)
11:00 - 19:00(closed on Mon., Sun. & Public Holiday)

Opening Reception 5.10 (Fri.) 18:00-20:00

"The Great Debate (The Atomic Fly)” 2019, 101.6 x 101.6cm, Mixed media on canvas

"Lil Mama As Gaia” 2019, 127 x 127cm, Mixed media on canvas

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座2-16-12銀座大塚ビルB1
MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

 この度メグミオギタギャラリーでは、日本初となるヘブル・ブラントリー個展「GREAT DEBATE」を開催致します。





 今展では、新作計12点を展示致します。テクノロジーがますます飛躍している現代において、彼の作品は日々の進化を改めて鑑賞者に意識させるものになるでしょう。ヘブル・ブラントリーの日本初個展「GREAT DEBATE」にどうぞご期待下さい。

Megumi Ogita Gallery is pleased to announce Japan's first solo exhibition "GREAT DEBATE" by Hebru Brantley.

He has a Bachelor of Film from Clark University of Atlanta, and a background in design and media illustration. He currently lives in Los Angeles and has participated in numerous solo, group shows and art fairs.

He gained popularity among Hollywood celebrities, actors and musicians, and exhibited in various cities such as London, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York. Collaboration items with the fashion brand BAPE are also sold in Japan. Additional collaborators include: Nike, Adidas and Hublot.

Hebru Brantley draws the viewer into his work world through conceptual characters. The characters that he produces express complex human emotion such as nostalgia, spirit, power and hope. Blantley’s multi-layered and multi-faceted works, vivid color schemes and pop art motifs make the work accessible to a wide audience.

Blantey’s work is a mix of justice and evil, the center and surroundings. It is apparent that he draws influence from Japanese manga and pop culture in the style that depicts the future as a matter of everyday life. He uses a wide range of materials, from oils acrylics, watercolors and sprays, to coffee and tea, which are not tied to tradition.

12 new works will be exhibited in this exhibition. We look forward to hosting Japan's first solo exhibition "GREAT DEBATE" by Hebru Brantley.