The London Police「World Tour」

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World Tour

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Left : 2015, 60 x 60cm, Indelible ink on canvas
Right : 2015, 60 x 60cm, Indelible ink on canvas

ロンドン•ポリス / The London Police
2015. 5.22(Fri.) - 6.20(Sat.) 
11:00 - 19:00(closed on Mon., Sun. & Public Holiday)
★Reception 5.22(Fri.) 18:00-20:00

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座2-16-12銀座大塚ビルB1
MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

 The London Policeは、1998年よりロンドンからオランダはアムステルダムのストリートを刷新すべくやってきた2人の異才、ChazとBobによるアーティストグループです。



 今展では"World Tour"をテーマに、カンバスワークを12点展示します。
 笑顔のLADの旅は、楽しいワールドツアーなのか、それともワールドドミネーションなのかー TLPの日本初個展に是非ご期待下さい。

The london police started in 1998 when big english geezers head- ed to Amsterdam to rejuvenate the visually disappointing streets of Hollands capital. They were part of a small group of artists at the end of the last century that helped pioneer a new street art movement.

After a few years of mixing traveling and making art in the street TLP began to receive Worldwide recognition for their contribution to the graffiti/street art movement. They were included in many of the books documenting the scene and invited for shows and live drawing performances all over the globe.
17 years on TLP have amassed more than 100 shows and events in over 35 countries and their street work has popped up every- where.

Since 2009 TLP has concentrated on more intense canvas work, largescale mural projects and bigger solo shows in Stolen Space Gallery - London, Go Gallery - Amsterdam, Opera Gallery - New York, Helmet Gallery - Munich, Corey Helford Gallery - LA, Galo Art Gallery -Torino, Black Book Gallery - Denver, BLDG Gallery - Kentucky USA and have taken part in several group shows from Paris to Singapore.
TLP are Chaz who draws the iconic ‘LAD’ character that the crew are so well known for. The other half of the duo is Bob who draws tight portrait and architectural illustrations.

This time is TLP's first solo exhibition in Japan.
We'll show their new 12 canvas art works.
Don't miss TLP's exciting "WORLD TOUR"!