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Landscape presented by painters from Canada

Holly Farrell "Tree Line I" 2014, 25.4 x 60.96cm, oil and acrylic on masonite

Tree Line II.jpg
Holly Farrell "Tree LineⅡ" 2014, 25.4 x 60.96cm, oil and acrylic on masonite

武谷大介/ Daisuke Takeya, Holly Farrell, Kent Monkman, Kim Dorland
2014.4.11(Fri.) - 4.26(Sat.)
★Reception 4.11(Fri.) 17:30 - 19:30
12:00 - 19:00(closed on Mon., Sun. & Public Holiday)
後援 : カナダ大使館

 Showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座5-4-14銀成ビル4F




Kent Monkman (born 1965) is a Canadian First Nations artist of Cree and Irish ancestry.
His works examine the way Indigenous American and Canadian history has been presented in art by 19th and 20th Century artists such as George Catlin and Paul Kane, and "constructs new stories through images that take into account the missing narratives and perspectives of Aboriginal peoples.

Kim Dorland (Born in 1974 in Wainwright, Alberta, Canada) pushes the boundaries of painted representation through an exploration of memory, material, nostalgia, identity and place.
Drawing heavily from the Canadian landscape and his affinity for the tradition of Canadian landscape painting, the loose yet identifiable scenes are interjected with areas of heavy abstract impasto, adding to the raw,
fleeting quality of his canvases.

Holly Farrell is a self - taught painter who first picked up a palette and brush at the age of 28.
She is always drawn to the familiar. Her memories of the stories often are more intense than the stories themselves, a by-product of a vivid imagination or an intense need to flee reality.
This is her first painting of landscape.

Daisuke Takeya(Born and raised in Japan, ) obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Graduate School of Figurative Art at the New York Academy of Art and received Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Daisuke has had numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally.
He is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is comprised of the exploration of nature and plausibility in contemporary society, and hinges on all kinds of double meanings.