Kurt Cobain Had Never Googled Porn

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Kurt Cobain Had Never Googled Porn

Smashed Guitar (#2) 補正 のコピー.jpg
Brian Leo "Smashed Guitar" 2013, 50.8 x 40.6cm, acrylic on canvas with silkscreen collage

Brian Leo / ブライアン•レオ
2013年12月13日(金) - 12月28日(土)
レセプション: 12月13日(金) 17:30 - 19:30
12:00 - 19:00(休廊日:月•日•祝)

 Showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座5-4-14銀成ビル4F

この度メグミオギタギャラリーでは、NYを拠点に活動するアメリカ人アーティスト、ブライアン・レオによる"Kurt Cobain Had Never Googled Porn"展を開催します。
時に「問題作」ともとれる彼の作品のメッセージ性の強さは、The New York Times、The Korea Timesなど多くのメディアから注目を集め、物議を醸してきました。


2013年2月にNYのThe New Museumで開催された"NYC1993 : Experimental Jet Set Trash And No Star"に影響を受けたレオは、今展を"Kurt Cobain Had Never Googled Porn"と名付けました。

Brian Leo (b. 1976) is based in New York City. His work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions at venues throughout New York and around the world. Leo’s work has received critical attention in The New York Times, The Miami New Times, The Korea Times, The Korea Daily, and The Brooklyn Rail. He was included in the 2010 Phillips De Pury auction, Now: Art of the 21st Century.

Leo creates a symbolic language from pop culture imagery contrasted with post ironic wit, executed in a day glow palette of color. The grouping of paintings are exhibited en masse to create a tension similar to a barrage of television channels, non stop news cycles, text messaging, tabloid culture and social networking sites.
Since exhibiting in NYC in early 2000, Leo has pushed the boundaries as to what the content of a painting could/should offer. Subject matters range from poignant to bizarre, and ridiculous to precious. Leo's paintings address global culture, contemporary politics and the American identity His shows defy singular themes, yet rather reflect his contemplative attempt to understand humanity.

In this exhibition "Kurt Cobain Had Never Googled Porn", Leo reflects on 1990's cultural phenomena: the introduction of commercial internet and social content of 'Alternative' music. This formative period of American culture for the artist has most recently been acknowledged at a show entitled, "NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set Trash And No Star" at the New Museum, NYC, 2013.
He will be at least fifty recent small-scale paintings on canvas.
We hope you enjoy Brian Leo's pop and ironical expression of love!