Tranquil Reflection

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Tranquil Reflection


保井智貴/Tomotaka Yasui
6.14 - 7.2
★レセプション:6.14(火)/ ライブパフォーマンス:吉澤成友(YOUR SONG IS GOOD)

 MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座2-16-12銀座大塚ビルB1

1974年にベルギーで生まれた保井智貴は幼い頃から他民族の人々と接し、人間の姿、印象、行動とその背景にある文化の関係性を意識するようになります。2001年に東京藝術大学修士課程美術研究科彫刻専攻を修了した後は、ある存在が放つ空間的な広がりを作品を通して創造しています。2010年には音楽家、ファッションデザイナー、建築家とコラボレーションし、様々な要素が共鳴しあう相関性の強いスペースを作り上げました。 保井の彫刻の周りには美しく静謐な時が流れ、空間の奥行きを感じさせます。



今展の「Tranquil Reflection」では、半貴石、螺鈿、色漆、蒔絵、日本画の材料である岩絵具などで装飾された無国籍な衣服を纏った3体の人物を画廊に登場させます。それぞれの存在が放つ空気が一つになり、幻想的な空間を生み出します。民族を超え、時間を超え、人間像の普遍性を日本人のこだわりの美意識で表現する保井の最新作をどうぞお楽しみ下さい。

Tomotaka Yasui (b.1974) had spent his early years in Belgium and some other countries that made him being interested in people’s posture, impression and behavior which are accordingly given by each cultural background. After complet- ing MA at Tokyo National University of Arts and Music in 2001, Tomotaka keeps presenting his human figure sculptures to express various spatials expansions controlled by individuals. In 2010, Tomotaka successfully held a group exhibition in collaboration with a fashion designer, an architect and a musician to achieve a space where different elements are corresponding each other.

There is always a sort of calm and novel atmosphere surrounding Tomotaka’s art pieces. The upstanding human figures wear modestly sparking futuristic clothes that cover their whole hands and fingers. In spite of the unusual forms, these figures are created by one of the oldest statue making method in Japan, “Kanshitsu”, that applies multiple layers of Japa- nese lacquer and linen inside of mold. These natural materials keep growing and changing their colors and properties even after the finish, that is, the Tomotaka’s works breathe the same air and live in the same time we have. It is a fusion of different time which has never existed before.

For his upcoming solo exhibition “Tranquil Reflection”, brand-new pieces are ready to appear their stateless figures decorated with semiprecious stone, mother-of-pearl inlay, gold or silver lacquer and natural pigment. Please visit MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY from 14th of June where the astonishing spatial experience is promised.