Strangler fig

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Strangler fig


八木貴史/Takafumi Yagi
9.13 (火) - 10.8(土)
★レセプション:9.13(火)17:30 - 19:30

 MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座2-16-12銀座大塚ビルB1




今展のタイトルである”Strangler fig“は日本語で「絞め殺しの木」を意味します。他の木に絡み付いては、朽ちさせ、中が空洞の状態で生息するというイチジクの木のように、「そのもの自体は消失して目には見えないが、その周りのものが、そのものをかたちづくる」というコンセプトをもとに、家具や身の回りのものを使って制作された新シリーズを発表します。 「存在するもの」「存在しないもの」と、「見えるもの」「見えないもの」を追求した今回の展示は私達を身近なものから異界へと誘います。八木貴史の「Strangler fig」をどうぞご期待下さい。

Takafumi Yagi was graduated from MA Sculpture Course of Musashino Art University in 2011. His representative series of works are sculpted from a resin bonded compound of thausands colored pencils.

"I recognize the colored pencil material as a trunk of wood which has kaleidoscopic grains. By accumulating lots of colored pencils, I turns its simple structure, a pigment core and a protective casing, into an unique decorative element of my work."

By assembling and converting the mass produced colored pencil as the base of his art works, Takafumi magnifies its beauty and the power. The outcome is vivid and dazzling. WIth Yagi's precise and skillful sculping technique, unexpected forms are born from a very familiar stationery item.

The concept for this exhibition was inspired by a fig tree growing in his garden which creeps around other trees to decay and extend its branches to surround the original bodies which would dry out and finally become hollows. It tells us that the being itself extinguishes their figures someday, however its surroundings remain and make its existence reappeared in the world. Yagi challenges to archive a new description between "being" and " non-being", "visible" and "invisible" with his spectacular new series of works. The show starts from 13th September.