Distant Vision

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Distant Vision


ルイス・ルブルジョワ/Louise LeBourgeois
9.13 (火) - 10.8(土)
★レセプション:9.13(火)17:30 - 19:30

 MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座2-16-12銀座大塚ビルB1




今展では30センチ四方の正方形のキャンバスに、月、風景、空、海を描いた計6点を中心に展示いたします。気韻生動を感じさせる東洋的精神にも通じる表現と、蒔絵の箱のように艶やかな仕上げによって作られたルイスの絵画は、イメージの域を超え、その”もの”自体に小宇宙を孕んでいる四次元的な存在として現れます。 ドラマチックな自然が織りなす一瞬の情景に、永遠のイマジネーションの世界を封じ込めた作品は、オーソドックスでありながら新しい絵画の可能性を感じさせます。どうぞご期待下さい。

I have lived in Chicago for more than three decades, since I was a teenager. I live a short walk from Lake Michigan, which is my inspiration for my water/sky paintings. One year ago, I participated in the BAU Institute’s Artist Residency program in Otranto, Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. I chose to go there because I wanted to be near a different large body of water. Even though the basic elements of water, sky and horizon are the same, I was curious about the changes in light and color in a different part of the world.

My understanding of water is not only visual, but visceral and kinesthetic. I am an avid swimmer and I swim in Lake Michigan in the summer. I love the open water, but I also fear it. Swimming in the lake is a dive into an unpredictable wilderness, an encounter with nature that, as a city dweller, I don’t otherwise experience.

When I paint, I rely on my memory of how water looks and feels. The sky in Chicago changes quickly, and I constantly alter the color in my skies. It takes me a while to settle on a tone and mood in my paintings. In my painting, as in real life, the horizon sometimes appears and sometimes disappears.

Whether visible or not, the horizon is my favorite part of the whole image. I spend hardly any time at all painting it, since its existence is defined by the water and sky that frame it. I see it as a playful paradox inherent to life on this big round planet of ours, and something that we all long for. The visible yet non-existent line that describes a curve is also the fictive space where as far as we can see reveals that there is yet more to come.

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