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Book Shop


ホリー・ファレル/Holly Farrell
2012年3月21 (水) - 4月14日 (土)
レセプション 3月21日 17:30 - 19:30

 MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座2-16-12銀座大塚ビルB1

2009年の個展「Home and Sea」では海での生命に関わる道具と日常で傷つき汚れて行く道具を、
「Book Shop」を開催致します。

ホリー・ファレルは1961年カナダ オンタリオ ノースベイで生まれました。日々の生活のストレスを解消する為に絵を描き始め、自分自身の技法を独学で身につけ1995年より本格的に画家としての活動を開始しアメリカとカナダを中心に作品を発表しています。



児童文学から古典まで様々な本を揃えたホリー・ファレルの「Book Shop」をどうぞご期待下さい。なお今展と同時開催でアートフェア東京(3/30 – 4/1)でもホリー・ファレルの作品が展示されますので合わせてご高覧下さい。

Reading was always a solitary activity - I don't remember being read to but I always remember reading. As a child, books were an escape from the chaotic life in a large family dominated by an alcoholic father. Books allowed me to feel strong in fantasy where I felt completely defenceless in reality. My father's anger and violence were a stark contrast to the tales of hope and adventure that carried me through to his death when I was ten years old. I wonder, if not for him, would I be as dedicated to books as I am today.

My first book paintings included books that belonged to me as a child, notably Hans Brinker and Hiedi - two all-time favourites - along with Anne Of Green Gables and Black Beauty, The Bobbsey Twins, the list goes on... I like books that have tears, stains, fading, and dog-eared pages that have survived at least one person's devotion.

I am always drawn to the familiar. My paintings of cookbooks and gardening books are closely connected to my early days of watching my mother immerse herself in either of these activities - regardless of how difficult life got for us, she always put great effort into making sure her family was fed and flowers planted in the garden.

The Medical Book painting stands out from the other paintings in it's more somber tones. They remind me of the quiet confidence of our small town doctor, how once he showed up on Christmas Eve, just passing by on his way home, wanting to make sure I was recovering from my most recent bout of pneumonia. The Medical Books is one in a series of medical-related paintings I have completed to date - like all my paintings, the subject is rooted in nostalgia.

Books have carried me through good times and bad times. My memories of the stories often are more intense than the stories themselves, a by-product of a vivid imagination or an intense need to flee reality. But I am glad to have grown up in a time when books were all that we knew - they were our base for knowledge, our precursor to experience. Being from a small town, when home computers were still fantasy, I was glad to have my books bring the world to me.