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「旅館」 2011, 40 x 31cm, 絹本着彩

重野克明 / Katsuaki Shigeno
2012年6月12 (火) - 30日 (土)
レセプション 6月12日 17:30 - 19:30

 Showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座5-4-14銀成ビル4F




絹本に滲んだ墨の濃淡で描かれた作品は、壁に浮かんだしみのように不可思議で古めかしく、過去の記憶が同化するようなどこか懐かしい錯覚をおこします。ノスタルジックなベールに包まれて、薄暗い世界に立ち尽くし、横たわる人物達は、それでも存在するために戦いながら生きる者の、透徹とした美しさを放ちます。 作家としての信念を持つ事が難しい社会の中で、重野は果敢に筆をとり、存在することと美の関係を問い続けます。重野克明の「メランコリー」をどうぞご期待下さい。

Katsuaki Shigeno completed MA Printing Course of Tokyo National University of Arts in 2003. He creates his art work by a variety of means such as choreography, lithography, oil painting and drawings.

His broad range of work and the unique interpretation of reality let him also works as a book illustrator and a stage designer. At this time, Shigeno shows his most recent series of monotone work created with Japanese sumi ink on silk. The medium helps the artist to gain misty and mysterious expression which reminds us of old Japanese ink painting and Chinese Bunjin-ga Painting. At this time He creates a series of works describing about people who live and fight against loneliness without losing their dignity.

"I like the fact that we have all got used to comforting ourselves by listening to sad songs or looking at gloomy paintings.That is why I also create somehow depressing work to solace my own heart and sometimes I feel eager to share it with other people. I chose to use sumi ink and silk for this series to achieve a cinematic effect. I filter and collect my memories from the past, then wait until it becomes a piece of work. "